Your Hair Follicle

Regardless of where you have hair on any part of your body, there are people who are anxious in finding a resolution to this problem.

There is a hair removal method catering to every ones needs, including every part of the body, skin type and most important, every budget.

Removing and damaging hair follicles are two different procedures. The removal of your hair follicle is using an instrument such as tweezers, threading or even waxing. Hair professionals, using instruments such as IPL or Laser will damage the hair follicle to retard its growth.

Although not permanent as such, will delay new hair growth for a couple of years, of course depending on the individual.

Another hair removal method is using prescription medication.

Vaniqa (generic name: eflornithine topical) interferes with a chemical in hair follicles, under the skin. This slows hair growth where medicine is applied. Vaniqa is to reduce unwanted facial hair in women. Vaniqa does not remove facial hair or prevent hair growth.

Eflornithine HCl 13.9% cream is the first topical prescription treatment, approved by the US FDA for reduction of unwanted facial hair in women. Improvement occurs over a period of 4-8 weeks or longer. Most reported adverse reactions consisted of minor skin irritation.

A Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet can be down loaded on the Vaniqa (generic name: Eflornithine) website.

Thalgo Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution Sensitive Areas which slows down hair regrowth. In particular, this acts on the hairs density, length and thickness. Note: I have NOT been able to get hold of this product to test myself, or otherwise.

Oral contraceptives, also referred to as birth control pills, can help women with excessive hair growth. Blocking the male hormone associated with excess facial hair can reduce unwanted hair. Speak with your local Doctor/GP to discuss in further detail.