Straight Razor Shaving

Lets now start by looking into SHAVING and the process for this a little further . . . 

Soak a towel in hot water, covering your face for 1-2 minutes. Having a warm to hot shower for the first 5-6 minutes will also open up pores. Skin is ready for preparation (lathering up).

Shaving Cream or if you wanting to use a soap, then use one that contains Glycerin as it contains moisture. Make sure that water is into the product, making it easier to lather onto your face &/or your body.

Shaving Against the Grain:

Going against the grain may get you a closer shave yet also causes major irritation.

Some of the most common irritations are:

Using both hands – one to stretch your skin and the other, to shave. Stretching will allow you to force the hair to stand upright for a closer shave. It will also helping to avoid any of the nicks and cuts.

Shaving with the Grain:

First being a SINGLE blade razor. Second is finding out which way your stubble/hair is growing.  One way of knowing is if you are pushing against the grain is by using your finger tips. It will feel like stroking a dogs fur coat the wrong way.

A single blade is able to use a wide variety of angles to glide across the face.  A double-bladed razor has a blunt blade. It hooks the hair follicle, pulling it up so that the second blade makes the cut.

To avoid going against the changing directions of growth, use short, gentle strokes. Let the razor glide over your skin without applying too much pressure.

You may not get a closer shave but you can certain of a comfortable one.

Use COLD WATER after your shave

Wash your face &/or legs (or body) with cold water so that the pores of your skin close up.

Now, you are able to use an aftershave (for your face in particular) or a moisturiser (face or body) if you have dry skin.