Straight Razor Shaving

Lets now start by looking into SHAVING and the process for this a little further . . . Soak a towel in hot water, covering your face for 1-2 minutes.

Waxing Equipment

Welcome to Waxing Equipment. What I will touch on below, the types of wax to use. I will be delving further into your wanting to wax and on what body

Body Beauty Tips

Being young and especially our teenage years, we are looking on how to improve our body. We seek approval from our peers as well as asking friends for helpful beauty

Cleanser Toner Moisturiser

This is a four (4) step simple skin care routine if you are wanting flawless skin and here is how?

Hard Wax . . . Soft Wax?

I have talked about waxing equipment but will be going further here on hard wax . . . soft wax before but will cut to chase and explain in further

Acne Treatments that Work

So, I have written on male acne and included acne treatments that work. I have also touched on white heads, black heads as well as eczema and psoriasis.

Feeling Sexy Waxing

What are the other benefits when waxing besides being less sweaty or cleaner? I now have answers from both genders and have given me

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Another hair removal technique is electrolysis. This procedure requires a needle (or probe) to slide into the skin, next to the hair follicle and shoots

Hair Removal Techniques

Learning a hair removal technique is simple enough to learn BUT how you do it, does take a little practice. The technique used is to pull against your hair

Waxing for Men

Male waxing is turning into an ever increase for a widespread of reasons is to please their counterpart (or rather, a possible counterpart).