Hard Wax . . . Soft Wax?


I have talked about waxing equipment but will be going further here on hard wax and soft wax before but will cut to chase and explain in further detail:

The Con’s (downsides) are on waxing is the equipment needing to wax yourself:

*  Heater/Wax Warmer
*  Spatulas
*  Waxing Strips
*  Oils (Pre/Post waxing equipment)
*  Waxing Starter Kits
*  Tweezers & Other Equipment (if required)

The Pro’s (positives) being:

*  Being less expensive long term (saving you A LOT money)
*  Doing it in the comfort of your own home
*  A time when its convenient for you

If purchasing the hard wax upfront, wax warmer and pre/post waxing equipment, initial outlay will be expensive. Within the 3 to 4 month time frame, you would have made all your money back and then some. So, in the long run, you would be saving.

The only other downside is needing to do it all by yourself.

This will be a short post in that I will go through some of the actual products I would recommend as well as having used them myself.

Caronlab Australia is Australia’s No.1 selling white wax, for use on delicate & sensitive areas of the face and body. Hyper allergenic. Reduces skin redness. Exceptional results in every XXX treatment.

Waxing Starter Kits
Hard Wax
Strip Wax
Sugar Paste
Wax Heaters

Wax heaters come in different shapes and sizes. These can be a little on the expensive side, make sure you select the appropriate size.

Lycon Cosmetics Australia, is another distributor. This company has a large range of products to choose from.

Waxing Kits
Wax Heaters
Waxing Accessories