Hair Depilatory Creams


Depilatory creams are an easy way of removing unwanted hair. It is particularly useful when needing to remove hair before undergoing elective surgery. Rather than having any particular area shaved, this will remove any nicks or cuts caused by a razor.

So, going to back to Depilatory creams!

Do they work?

Yes they do yet hair does not grow back any shower than if you were to shave. Depilatory cream removes the hair below the surface so you may begin to see the hair growth within 1-2 weeks. Shaving with a razor will see stubble within 3-4 days.​

Chances of ingrown hairs occurring is somewhat reduced compared to shaving or waxing. The reason is that the tip of the hair is not as sharp as in shaving or trap in follicles like waxing.​

Chemicals often used in depilatory creams include: sodium thioglycolate, calcium thioglycolate and strontium sulfide. This helps in breaking down the protein bonds of the hair.

The depilatory hair removal process takes about 7 to 10 minutes to work. This is taking into account, the thickness of hair, manufacturer’s formula and instructions.

Thicker hair can take longer to break down than finer hairs. Extra caution is needed here as skin is also made up of the same protein as hair. Applying cream for approximately 10 minutes (or as instructed) may cause severe skin irritation, depending on skin sensitivity.

Strong Odour/Smell?

If you have used a depilatory cream before, then you will know that there can be a strong odour/smell (or even an added fragrance) to itFragrances can also irritate your skin so make sure that you test the product on your arm or wrist area before using this on your body.

The brands which I have used are Veet or (VEET Men) and Nair or (Nair Men). Both work well and are safe when sticking to instructions on the packaging. Another brand which I have also come across is GiGi Hair Removal Lotion.

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