Feeling Sexy Waxing


Asked if waxing have had other benefits than being less sweaty or even being cleaner and it is now that women and men have given me their answer. Both have acknowledged that it makes them feel more smooth, sexy and lets face it, have admitted to having sexual benefits also but will omit this one.

So, if you are wanting to know on waxing or epilating your pubic hair, lets answer a few personal questions on this subject.

Especially waxed, yes it does hurt but if carried out by a professional, he/she is very quick and the pain factor is very minimal. It is more due to your anxiety, not knowing and will need to bare all in front of a stranger as well as few fetal positions to access wax a particular area. Again, this is not for very long either and will be over with within a couple of minutes.

Having it waxed once or twice already will reduce the pain factor a lot. Some, including myself would either waxing or switch to epilating which would do the same, if not having a better result. You’re able to do touch-ups rather than having to wait for hair to be come a certain length.

Feeling sexy as well as being intimate with your partner will and does have its other benefits also see Epilating. If your desires are needing a boost, I would be encouraging this idea if only to try it out a couple of times to see its results. If you have any questions that you are wanting an answer to, leave your comments below.