Cleanser Toner Moisturiser


This is a four (4) step simple skin care routine if you are wanting flawless skin and here is how?

In certain parts of Asia, they have a 10-step regimented skin care regime. You are able to achieve the same glowing, glassy skin care in 3 to 4 steps:

1. Cleansers:

There are 2 to choose. An oil based and Water based?

Oil based cleansers are to remove oil based make up. Water repels oil. This enables easy cleansing rather than being rough in removing every bit of make up.

Water based cleansers remove any remaining traces of make up, leaving skin supple. Find a gentle formula that will not dry out your skin.

2. Toners:

To define what toners to is quite different.

Toners are to provide your skin with ultimate hydration so other products will take to your skin. It more balance in all areas of the face.

3. Exfoliate:

Exfoliating 2 or 3 times per week should be enough as your weekly routine. It will help promote new skin cells, unclogging pores, better product absorption and keeping skin young and vibrant.

4. Moisturiser:

Using a moisturiser prevents skin from drying out. It is best to apply when skin is damp as it helps lock in the hydration from your moisturiser.

User moisturiser before skin has dried post (after) cleansing.

5. Apply Sunscreen:

This will be always your final step


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