6 Effective Methods for Removing Hair

Note: This post has been published as a guest post and permission has been granted to publish (Author: Mike Epson, Email: mikeepson1@gmail.com)

Why does the hair keep growing? It doesn’t matter if your’re a male or female, that hair is never going to stop growing.

Hair removal has taken a whole new dimension in this century. In case you don’t know, here are some of the various techniques you can use to remove hair with no hassle.

1.   IPL (Intense Pulse Light) In Hair Removal

IPL utilizes both heat and light to remove hair. IPL is also quite useful for removing hair from people with coarse and darker hair.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

The IPL uses technology where a hand-held device uses high power. It’s controlled by a computer for hair removal. The hand-held flashgun is what delivers an intense, broad-spectrum, visible pulse of light. This is what is uses for removing hair.

How does IPL Hair Removal Work:

The IPL generates visible spectral ranging between 400nm to 1200nm. Filters are then used to cut off any wavelength that could cause harm like ultraviolet light. The resulting wavelength selects targets specific chromophores like melanin, necessary for cutting hair.

Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

Yes, IPL in hair removal works. Although there have been reports of some minor complications like hyperpigmentation. Apart from that, IPL is generally effective and safe.

2. Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal is a method of hair removal. It makes use of heat and chemicals to remove hair from the body.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis hair removal delivers electric pulses to the hair follicle to remove hair. The method used is safe and does not react with the skin in any way that irritates.

How does Electrolysis Hair Removal Work?

When the probe slides into the skin, the electric pulse damages the follicle, making it soft. It is gentle enough to pull out the hair & its attached follicle. Using tweezers, you are able to remove the hair. You may need to go for several treatments depending on what part of your body.

Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Work?

Yes, electrolysis hair removal works, and it is safe. It could take between 15 – 60 minutes to complete a treatment. Having electrolysis hair removal treatment for longer than 30 minutes could be painful.

3.  Brazilian Wax Hair Removal

Brazilian waxing is waxing your bikini line and in most cases, your private parts. The ones difficult to reach!

What is Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal?

A Brazilian is for removing hair, especially from the pubic area. It leaves the area completely bare. Using hard wax for a Brazilian is much easier to apply. So, those areas that are difficult to get to, especially those at the back part of the private area.

How does Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal Work?

When the hard wax is on the area where you want to get the hair removed, it adheres to the hair and the top layer of your skin. So when it is coming off, it DOES NOT take off the top layer of your skin. Although it does hurt, it is less painful than other waxing.

Does Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal Work?

Yes, Brazilian waxing works well for hair removal. Although painful, especially if it is your first time and if you have been shaving. But after a couple of waxes, it becomes a lot easier and less painful.

4.  Liquid Hair Removal (Nair Depilatories)

The liquid hair removal makes use of liquid chemicals for hair removal.

What is Liquid Hair Removal?

The liquid hair removal is just like wax hair removal, instead of the use of wax chemical, liquid chemicals are used. The chemicals are similar to that of the essence.

How does Liquid Hair Removal Work?

When the liquid essence is applied to the skin, it makes the hair follicle hemorrhoid.  Then tweezers are used to remove the hair.

Does Liquid Hair Removal Work?

Yes, liquid hair removal works, and they are saved. Although reports have been made that they cause rashes and itching. Generally, they are safe, and they are painless. More on Liquid Hair Removal

5.  Epilator Hair Removal

An epilator is an electric device that’s used to remove hair.

What is Epilator Hair Removal?

The epilator comes with rechargeable batteries. They also come with different attachments. Some have a smaller head, while others come with an exfoliation head.

How does Epilator Hair Removal Work?

When you power on the epilator, use the epilator as you would use a shaving stick. Being gentle, use the epilator to glide over areas where you want to get the hair removed. The epilator grips many hairs together at the same time and the blades of the epilator cut them. And then the exfoliation head is then used to get rid of those little strands of hair that’s left. This leaves your skin as bare as possible.

Does Epilator Hair Removal Work?

Yes, the epilator is to remove hair, but it is not that effective. The epilator does not get rid of all the hair or leave your skin completely bare. There is always going to be a short strand of hair, although not too noticeable. The epilator could also be quite painful for some individuals.

6.  Laser Light Treatment Hair Removal

Laser light treatment hair removal makes use of concentrated light. Otherwise known as a laser to remove hair from the skin.

What is the Laser Light Treatment Hair Removal?

The laser light hair treatment gets rid of even the smallest strand of hair, leaving your skin completely bare.

How does the Laser Light Treatment Hair Removal Work?

The high concentrated light in the laser light treatment absorbs the hair follicles. The pigments also absorb the strong light too. In the end, the hair’s destroyed by the light which means the hair gets cut by the laser light

Does the Laser Light Treatment Hair Removal Work?

Yes, the laser light treatment hair removal works. It is precise, fast, and predictable when using it to cut. It is safe to use laser light hair removal, although you may have to stay away from exposure to sunlight for a couple of days.