Month: May 2019


6 Effective Methods for Removing Hair

Note: This post has been published as a guest post and permission has been granted to publish (Author: Mike Epson, Email: Why does the hair keep growing? It doesn’t matter if your’re a male or female, that hair is never going to stop growing. Hair removal has taken a whole new dimension in this century. […]


Epilator Hair Removal

Well, they are tweezers but in an electronic form (battery, power cord &/or both, battery & power cord) operated. Epilator designs are for designed hair removal from almost any part of the body. They work in the same way as your hand tweezer do, plucking the hairs from the roots yet more quicker. You also […]


Waxing whilst Pregnant

I remember my time when pregnant whilst trying to wax and never mind it being a singleton but twins! Shock is an understatement to say the least . . . Fast forwarding all the trivial details and I will talk about looking after yourself. It has now been several years that I have been waxing. […]