Waxing Equipment

Welcome to Waxing Equipment. In this article, I will be delving further into your wanting to wax and on what body part you are wanting to do. This can be

Body Beauty Tips

When in your teenage years and early 20’s, visible changes can be a shock. Not knowing what is normal and what isn’t is sometimes hard to work out, more so,

Cleanser Toner Moisturiser

This is a four (4) step simple skin care routine if you are wanting flawless skin and here is how? In certain parts of Asia, they have a 10-step regimented

Ascorbic Acid Skincare

Skincare acid can be overwhelming especially when it comes to your skin. As the name also suggests, can be very expensive. Acids, like most other skincare products cater to a

Hard Wax . . . Soft Wax?

I have talked about waxing equipment but will be going further here on hard wax and soft wax before but will cut to chase and explain in further detail: The

Acne Treatments that Work

When a pimple appears on a person face, our immediate reaction is . . . oh no, a zit, a whitehead, a blackhead or an acne breakout. Often, further questions

Feeling Sexy Waxing

Asked if waxing have had other benefits than being less sweaty or even being cleaner and it is now that women and men have given me their answer. Both have

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Another hair removal technique is electrolysis. This procedure requires a needle (or probe) to slide into the skin, next to the hair follicle and shoots an electric pulse at the root,

Hair Removal Techniques

Brazillian at Home: You have decided to give a do-it-yourself (DIY) brazillian at home. By spreading your legs wide apart for someone else to see right into the gap of

Waxing for Men

Now, we are going to discuss the private parts for MALES. MALE WAXING Male waxing is turning into an ever increase for a widespread of reasons is to please their