Beauty Skin Care Products

Waxing is a form of exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin (skin care) but also in making sure that you don't over do it

Ascorbic Acid Skincare

Ascorbic skincare acid can be overwhelming especially when it comes to your skin. As the name also suggests, can be very expensive. Ascorbic Acids, like most other skincare products cater

Ingrown Hair & Folliculitis

An ingrown hair is when the hair grows crooked for curls back under, before it has a chance to exit the skin. This is an Ingrown Hair.

Hair Depilatory Creams

​Hair depilatory creams are an easy way of removing unwanted hair. If you are unsure if you are wanting to wax &/or remove any unwanted body hair

Laser Light Treatment in Hair Removal

Lasers provide a solution to permanent hair removal solutions. IPL had evolved to treat a variety of skin conditions and hair loss came as a side effect.​

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) in Hair Removal

Is using IPL a permanent hair removal method?NO! It is a permanent hair reduction method. Their main uses are for cosmetic treatments such as

6 Effective Methods for Removing Hair

Note: This post has been published as a guest post and permission has been granted to publish (Author: Mike Epson, Email: Why does the hair keep growing? It doesn’t matter

Epilator Hair Removal

Well, they are tweezers but in an electronic form (battery, power cord &/or both, battery & power cord) operated. Epilator designs are for designed hair removal from almost any part

Waxing whilst Pregnant

I remember my time when pregnant whilst trying to wax and never mind it being a singleton but twins! Shock is an understatement to say the least . . .

Your Hair Follicle

Regardless of where you have hair on any part of your body, there are people who are anxious in finding a resolution to this problem. There is a hair removal