Hard Wax . . . Soft Wax?

I have talked about waxing eqiupment but will be going further here on hard wax and soft wax before but will cut to chase and explain in further detail: The

Acne Treatments that Work

When a pimple appears on a person face, our immediate reaction is . . . oh no, a zit, a whitehead, a blackhead or an acne breakout. Often, further questions

Feeling Sexy Waxing

Asked if waxing have had other benefits than being less sweaty or even being cleaner and it is now that women and men have given me their answer. Both have

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Another hair removal technique is electrolysis. This procedure requires a needle (or probe) to slide into the skin, next to the hair follicle and shoots an electric pulse at the root,

Hair Removal Techniques

Brazillian at Home: You have decided to give a do-it-yourself (DIY) brazillian at home. By spreading your legs wide apart for someone else to see right into the gap of

Waxing for Men

Now, we are going to discuss the private parts for MALES. MALE WAXING Male waxing is turning into an ever increase for a widespread of reasons is to please their

Brazilian Wax . . . Which One?

FEMALE WAXING With female waxing, there are a few styles which involves the removal pubic hair which are: Hollywood Waxing (also known as 100% bare down there). The pubic hair from

Answering Your Questions

Should I shave with a Razor? I would first be reading my web page on Straight Razor Shaving and if you are still unsure, then please leave me your comments

Beauty Skin Care Products

Waxing is a form of exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin but also in making sure that you don’t over do it with these products.

Ingrown Hair vs Folliculitus

An ingrown hair is when the hair grows crooked for curls back under, before it has a chance to exit the skin. This is an Ingrown Hair. An infected ingrown