IPL (Intense Pulse Light) in Hair Removal

Is using IPL a permanent hair removal method?NO! It is a permanent hair reduction method. Their main uses are for cosmetic treatments such as

6 Effective Methods for Removing Hair

Note: This post has been published as a guest post and permission has been granted to publish (Author: Mike Epson, Email: mikeepson1@gmail.com) Why does the hair keep growing? It doesn’t matter

Epilator Hair Removal

Well, they are tweezers but in an electronic form (battery, power cord &/or both, battery & power cord) operated. Epilator designs are for designed hair removal from almost any part

Waxing whilst Pregnant

I remember my time when pregnant and never mind that it being a singleton but twins! Shock is an understatement to say the least . . . Fast forwarding all

Your Hair Follicle

Regardless of where you have hair on any part of your body, there are people who are anxious in finding a resolution to this problem. There is a hair removal

Laser Light Treatment in Hair Removal

IPL vs Laser for Hair removal Lasers provide a solution to permanent hair removal solutions. IPL had evolved to treat a variety of skin conditions and hair loss came as

Straight Razor Shaving

Lets now start by looking into SHAVING and the process for this a little further . . .  Soak a towel in hot water, covering your face for 1-2 minutes.

Waxing Equipment

Welcome to Waxing Equipment. What I will touch on below, the types of wax to use. I will be delving further into your wanting to wax and on what body

Body Beauty Tips

When in your teenage years and early 20’s, visible changes can be a shock, especially when it comes to your own body! Not knowing what is normal and what isn’t

Cleanser Toner Moisturiser

This is a four (4) step simple skin care routine if you are wanting flawless skin and here is how? In certain parts of Asia, they have a 10-step regimented